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The Nevada State Senate, with no Republican votes, passed SB221 – a bill to water down gun rights in Nevada.

New York Mayor Michael "Soda Ban" Bloomberg is leading gun control efforts in Nevada

New York Mayor Michael “Soda Ban” Bloomberg is leading gun control efforts in Nevada

Likewise, the Nevada State Assembly, again with no Republican votes, passed SB221.

Now the only way to stop this bill from becoming law – needlessly and uselessly costing and inconveniencing Nevada’s gun owners and gun store owners – is for Republican Gov. Brian Sandoval to veto the bill.

However, the governor is under intense pressure, mostly from out-of-state gun control pressure groups, to cave in and sign the bill.

Indeed, these groups and their well-paid lobbyists have actually made political threats to some legislators and are dumping an enormous amount of advertising in our state to intimidate the governor.

Please join me in signing the letter below urging Gov. Sandoval to stand up to these out-of-state, gun-grabbing bullies by vetoing this SB 221.

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Chuck Muth
Citizen Outreach

P.S. While we appreciate that many non-Nevadans wish to weigh in and oppose this bill, only Nevada citizens will be listed on the letter that will be sent to Gov. Sandoval.

Dear Gov. Sandoval,

Senate Bill 221 is nothing more than a “feel-good” gun control bill. Even its most ardent supporters have admitted that it would have done nothing to stop the Sandy Hook or IHOP shootings.

It will be enormously difficult, if not impossible to enforce and will cost and needlessly inconvenience private gun owners and gun store owners who are neither criminals nor mentally ill.

Indeed, criminals and the mentally ill who wouldn’t clear a background check will just find another way to obtain a gun if they truly want one regardless of this law if enacted.

Further, while some have argued that background checks are constitutional, this bill nevertheless assumes a citizen is guilty until he or she is proven innocent and if you sign SB221, it will absolutely, without doubt, start Nevada down a slippery slope of even more aggressive gun control measures.

Indeed, one thing is for sure: Those who wish to eliminate gun rights in the United States will never stop. They will chip away at our rights and liberties one small step at a time, starting with this bill.

Nevadans cherish their gun rights, even more than their guns themselves. Indeed, many Nevadans will vigorously defend the right to keep and bear arms even though they, themselves, don’t personally own a gun.

As such, we the undersigned RESIDENTS of Nevada urge you not to be intimidated by the money and threats from a deep-pocketed, out-of-state, anti-gun agitator whose primary claim-to-fame is banning the sale 16-ounce sodas in New York City.

Please tell Mayor Michael Bloomberg and his hired political “guns” that Nevadans won’t be bullied into watering down our gun rights by vetoing SB 221 with extreme prejudice.


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