Add Your Name to the List of Conservatives and Republicans Urging Nevada State Sen. "Moderate Mike" Roberson to Change Parties!

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Sen. Michael Roberson (3rd from left in pink shirt) yukking it up at a liberal PLAN meeting last year

Sen. Michael Roberson (3rd from left in pink shirt) yukking it up at a liberal PLAN meeting last year

“Republican” Sen. Michael Roberson (RINO-Henderson) is using his leadership position to support a staggering $1.2 BILLION(!) worth of tax hikes (and counting) this legislative session, as well as pushing for more money for education rather than expanding school choice and market competition.

Roberson ran in 2010 as a tea party conservative. He’s now serving in office as a card-carrying, bleeding-heart liberal.

Read the letter below asking “Moderate Mike” to embrace a little “truth in political labeling” by changing parties and re-registering as the Democrat he’s become. Then add your name by filling out the box in the right-hand column above.

We’ll deliver the letter with everyone’s online signature, along with a “Change of Registration” voter registration form sometime next week.

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Chuck Muth
Citizen Outreach

Dear Senator Roberson,

In 2010 you ran for the state Senate not just as a Republican, but as a “tea party” conservative.  During your campaign, in an interview with Nancy Dallas of Nevada News & Views, you said…

  • “The important thing to remember, is that I am a conservative first and a Republican second.”
  • “The government must tighten its belt, just as we in the private sector have had to do during this recession.”
  • “I believe Nevada is taxed enough and that rather than looking at increasing taxes on any particular industry, we need to limit the expanse of the ever-growing government spending.”
  • “Wasteful government spending and increased taxes, equals fewer private sector jobs and less economic growth.”
  • “Higher taxes and regulations on small business, and a bloated, inefficient state government, make it more difficult for businesses to be in a position to succeed.”
  • “Higher taxes thwart economic development and retard job growth.”
  •  “I will not consider voting to extend the (2009 “temporary”) tax increases which are scheduled to sunset.”
  • That to fix education we have to “inject competition and free-market principles into the (education) system.”
  • That your “views will not change with the direction of the winds or political pressure from special interests.”

You also signed the Taxpayer Protection Pledge promising the people of Nevada that you would oppose and vote against any and all efforts to increase taxes.  You even signed it on April 15, Tax Day, at a tea party rally!

Since then, you’ve gone through some kind of radical political transformation…

  • In the fall of 2011, you were put in charge of the Senate GOP’s campaign committee and began recruiting moderate Republican candidates who you told not to sign the Taxpayer Protection Pledge.
  • In March of 2012, you reversed your position and announced support for Gov. Sandoval’s plan to once again extend the “sunsets” that you said you wouldn’t consider extending.
  • On Election Day 2012, you failed to win the majority for Republicans in the State Senate despite raising and spending almost $1 million on just 5 races.
  • As Minority Leader, you didn’t appoint any conservatives to leadership positions in your caucus or appoint conservatives to the Finance Committee.
  • You’ve proposed a whopping $600 million mining tax hike and have supported other tax, fee and government spending hikes.
  • You’ve knee-capped conservative and GOP efforts at real school reform by embracing the false liberal claim that Nevada is “underfunding” education.
  • You’ve embraced and are promoting the policy and political agenda of the teachers union and the ultra-liberal Progressive Leadership Alliance of Nevada.

Clearly you are no longer the conservative you claimed to be when you ran for office.

  • You have broken you word on tax hikes.
  • You have been hostile to conservative candidates and conservative caucus members.
  • You have violated numerous planks of the Nevada Republican Party platform.
  • You have undermined Gov. Sandoval with your mining tax.
  • You have put Republicans in the Assembly in an awkward position.
  • You have embarrassed yourself.
  • You have embarrassed your legislative colleagues.
  • You have embarrassed the Republican Party.
  • You have embarrassed the conservative movement.
  • You have given “aid and comfort” to our most ardent opponents.

As such, we the undersigned hereby urge you to embrace “Truth in Political Labeling” by leaving the Republican Party and re-registering with the political party you obviously now are much more “at home” with – the Democrat Party.

Disappointedly yours,

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