MEMO TO:  Conservatives in a Fighting Mood
FROM:  Chuck Muth, Irritator-in-Chief
DATE: October 2012

(“Mount Reagan,” Nevada) – If you live in Clark County, you’ve no doubt noticed the growing number of electronic billboards along the highways.

Unlike the old-fashioned billboards of days gone by, these new-fangled hi-tech billboards rotate a series of digital messages every 7-8 seconds or so.

Which has the additional benefit of dramatically reducing the cost of advertising on these highway billboards…including the money saved by not having to print and install the old-fashioned glue-and-stick boards.

And with that in mind, I thought now might be an ideal time for a little public education/liberal irritation on some important public policy issues as people are paying more attention with Election Day drawing near. Which brings me to…

Operation Irritation!

At the suggestion of our friend George Harris, I’ve decided to run 3 public service messages on these new electronic billboards in the southern Nevada area during the two weeks of early voting, leading up to the Election Day.

The first message will read:

And the second message will read:

The third message is where you come in, as I’ll explain in a minute…

These billboard messages will be e-plastered on 7 billboards along I-15, I-215 and US 95…and will appear 738 times per day on each board.

That’s a lot of opportunities for us to irritate an awful lot of liberals!

We estimate the total cost to fully deploy this billboard campaign for the two full weeks – starting this weekend! – will run $4,267.

Of course, the more money we raise for Operation Irritation, the more messages we can broadcast over the next couple of weeks…but we have to act FAST. Time is running out and decidedly is not on our side. We need to make the buy for these spots immediately.

So I hope you’ll donate generously to this project today.

Also, I’d like you to help me pick the third message we’ll throw into the mix if we raise enough money to run them all. I’ve narrowed the list down to the following:

  1. “A Taxpayer Voting for Obama is like a Chicken Voting for Col. Sanders”
  2. “And We Thought Jimmy Carter was Bad?”
  3. “Are You Better Off than You Were $4 Trillion Dollars Ago?”
  4. “The Tooth Fairy Exists…Santa Claus is Coming…and Obama Will Fix Everything”
  5. “If You Want a Welfare Check, Vote for a Liberal…If You Want a Paycheck, Vote for a Conservative”

Can you just imagine the irritation you’ll cause liberals driving around town who read these? (I just hope none of them get so filled with political “road rage” that they run their car into a ditch!)

Folks, this election cycle will likely go down in history as the nastiest anti-conservative political campaign ever.

Hyper-active liberal organizations such as the teachers union, the trial lawyers, the race-hustlers, the tax-gobblers, the tree-huggers and other radicals have joined forces to attack TEA (Taxed Enough Already) party activists and limited-government fiscal conservatives via every media outlet they can.

That’s why I need YOU.

Operation Irritation is an effective, relatively inexpensive way to fight back…not globally, but locally.

Over the two week period of early voting leading up to Election Day, our billboard messages could be viewed by citizen-voters hundreds of thousands of times!

Will you please click on the “Donate” button to make a special, urgent contribution of $100, $50, $25 or even just $10 to run this emergency Operation Irritation billboard campaign through November 6?

And when you make your most generous contribution, please vote for which of the 5 other optional messages is your favorite. The message chosen by a majority of donors to this project will be the third one we’ll throw into the mix!

Our country and state are in real trouble. Operation Irritation is a humorous though serious “outside the box” effort to cut through the political advertising clutter and reach people who don’t understand the huge difference between conservatives and liberals the way you do.

Please make the very most generous contribution you can today.

Conservatively Yours,


Chuck Muth

P.S. The radical left wants to divide this country. Rich vs. poor. Black vs. white. Young vs. old. Men vs. women. Urban vs. suburban. Taste great vs. less filling.

These Bolsheviks want to redistribute wealth and socialize medicine.

They want to destroy free market entrepreneurism and make 100% of us…not just 47%…fully dependent on government for everything from jobs to food to health care.

And they are spending millions upon millions of dollars to remake America in their “Occupy Wall Street” socialist image of paradise.

Help me fight back by contributing $100, $50, $25 or even just $10 for our Operation Irritation electronic billboard campaign.