Urge Nevada Rep. Joe Heck and
Rep. Mark Amodei to OPPOSE the "Marketplace (Un)Fairness Act"

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aOn May 6, 2013, U.S. Sen. Harry Reid – along with 22 terribly misguided Republicans – voted for the misnamed “Marketplace Fairness Act” to force online retailers to go through the burdensome process of collecting “use” taxes (“sales” tax by another name) on online purchases…

Even if you don’t live in the state where the online retailer is located!

This is like Nevadans being forced to pay Nevada sales tax on the purchase of a Mickey Mouse shirt while visiting Disneyland in California.

And make no mistake; it’s not the online company that will be paying this tax. It’s YOU. The online retailer will simply be forced to serve as the tax collector for 46 different states with 46 different sales tax rates.

But it’s YOU who will have this money e-sucked out of your wallet!

There’s still an opportunity for the House to kill this bill. But as we saw in the Senate, there are a number of “wobbly” Republicans who may not have their heads on straight and could vote for this Internet tax.

As such, please read and consider adding your name to the letter below which will be sent to Nevada Republican Rep. Joe Heck and Rep. Mark Amodei urging them to oppose the “Marketplace Fairness Act.”

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Chuck Muth
Citizen Outreach

P.S. Nevada Republican Sen. Dean Heller correctly voted AGAINST this bill.

Dear Reps. Heck and Amodei,

We the undersigned agree with Americans for Tax Reform’s position, outlined below, on the misnamed “Marketplace Fairness Act.”

As a constituent, I urge you to vote against any version of an internet sales tax mandate. Such a mandate would harm the economy, provide the incentive for even higher taxes, and would open the door for states to begin taxing across their borders for many different taxes.

An internet sales tax mandate will harm small businesses that rely on the internet to survive. The unregulated internet has provided an irreplaceable platform for small businesses development. The burden of over 9,000 potential state and local tax jurisdictions will discourage small businesses from being established, hurting an economy that is already in need of a recovery.

The precedent set by an internet sales tax mandate would create a precedent for states to tax across their borders for other types of taxes.  States should tax those to whom they are accountable. Allowing states to impose tax collection requirements outside their physical borders moves us down a dangerous path.

I hope you will listen to the voices of your constituents, including our own, in this matter. An internet sales tax mandate will harm small businesses and consumers while putting us on a dark path towards unaccountable taxation.

Please let the internet remain the free and open platform that has helped so many businesses grow, and oppose the passage of an internet sales tax mandate.


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