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Trash Collection Contract Should Be Opened to Competitive Bidding . . .

The City of Las Vegas has given a monopoly franchise to Republic Services to pick up trash from every residential and commercial property in Las Vegas.

You can’t do business with anyone else…even if you want to.

In other communities, residents and businesses can choose from two or more competitors.  But the Las Vegas City Council is considering extending the Republic contract for an additional 15 years – four years before the current contract expires…

Without allowing any competitors
to submit a competing bid!


In fact, over the last few DECADES, Republic Services has NEVER had to compete for a contract or contract extension anywhere in southern Nevada.

Worse, as proposed Republic would cut residential pick-up service from twice a week to once a week.  With no reduction in your monthly bill.

Residents’ only benefit is that you’ll no longer have to separate your recyclables in red/white/blue crates and will instead be able to mix them all in one big trash can.

In other cities, residents and businesses are PAID for their recyclables, rather than being CHARGED for their recyclables.


Ideally, the City of Las Vegas would open up the trash collection market to any reputable company and let consumers pick and choose who they want to do business with.

But if the city is going to restrict the market and issue an exclusive monopoly contract to only one company, such a contract – in the interest of good government and consumer protection – should at least be open to competitive bidding.

Please add your name to the petition below urging the Las Vegas City Council to issue an RFP (Request for Proposal) rather than “rubber-stamping” a contract extension to Republic Services.

Thank you for your interest and participation in our governing process.

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Citizen Petition to Las Vegas City Council

WHEREAS, the city of Las Vegas has been asked by Republic Services to grant it a 15-year contract extension in return for implementing “single stream” recycling to city residents, and

WHEREAS, the proposal would cut residential trash pick-up from twice-a-week to once-a-week with no reduction in the monthly service fee, and

WHEREAS, Republic Services enjoys a government-imposed monopoly for residential trash pick-up which doesn’t allow residents to choose an alternative service provider, and

WHEREAS, Republic Services has never had to submit a proposal for residential trash pick-up in a competitive bid process anywhere in southern Nevada, and

WHEREAS, consumers are demanding greater and wider choices in all manner of services, including 72% of Nevada voters who voted to open up Nevada’s energy market in the last election, and

WHEREAS, competition has historically resulted in better service, greater innovations and cheaper pricing in a wide variety of private sector industries, and

WHEREAS, there are established and reputable waste-hauling companies operating throughout the United States who might like the opportunity to compete for the Las Vegas business market, and

WHEREAS, a number of Nevada legislators in the 2015 session voiced support for requiring government contracts to be subjected to competitive bidding “to help open opportunities for additional businesses that do not currently have an opportunity,” and

WHEREAS, the contract extension for Republic Services could well be worth over $1 billion over the duration of the contract term, and

WHEREAS, Las Vegas Mayor Carolyn Goodman has said she’s “always in favor of competition” and hopes the city can “find a way to give others who are struggling to get a foothold here a way to participate,” and

WHEREAS, the current contract between the City of Las Vegas and Republic Services doesn’t expire for another four years, and

WHEREAS, the duties and responsibilities of members of the Las Vegas City Council are to the residents of the city and not to a private corporation,

THEREFORE, we the undersigned urge the City of Las Vegas to issue a formal RFP (Request for Proposal) in an open-bid process for both residential and commercial waste-hauling rather than “rubber-stamping” a contract extension to Republic Services.


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