FAST Act Would Save “Dented”
Nevada Motorists a BUNDLE!

Attention Nevada Voters:a

Let’s say, God forbid, you’re involved in a fairly serious automobile accident in Clark County. None of us “expects” it to happen, but it happens unexpectedly all too often. And whether it’s your fault or that of some idiot, life for you now sucks eggs – just the paperwork alone! – even if you’re not seriously injured.

Think it can’t get any worse? Think again…

Let’s say your car has to be towed from the accident scene. If you live in Clark County, that means towing to one of just three “government-approved” tow yards. Yes, a government-imposed duopoly that flies in the face of free market competition. And there your poor car sits until either you come get it or your insurance company takes care of it.

But here’s the thing: For every day it sits, you and/or your insurance company are racking up a small fortune in sky-high storage fees, in addition to the towing charges.

You had no choice in this matter, mind you. Your car was towed to where the government says it wants it towed and if you end up paying through the nose…well, that’s just something the government is prepared to live with.

Now let’s say you’re not driving a brand-spanking new car. In that case, depending on the extent of damage, the cost of the storage fees alone could easily total up to more than your car is worth. And adding salt to your wound, let’s say your car insurance doesn’t cover the storage fees and you don’t have the money to get your car back.

Guess what happens?

The tow yard auctions off your car and pockets the money to pay themself for letting your wrecked car sit idle on their dirt. Worse, even after losing your car they can still sic a collection agency on you for any remaining unpaid fees…and even sue you and have your paycheck garnished!

This sort of thing happens far more often than you might think and has been labeled by an attorney friend of mine as nothing short of “legalized theft.”

Breaking this government-enforced monopoly of towing & storage services and ending this rip-off is long overdue. So what to do?

Instead of the government protecting these three companies and allowing them to get away with, literally, highway robbery, what if we injected a little market competition into the situation?

Suppose you and your insurance company were allowed to choose, in advance, where you wanted your car to be towed and stored in case of an accident; to a storage yard that wouldn’t charge you an arm, a leg and your first-born male child to sit on a chunk of desert until arrangements can be made to move it?

Fortunately, just such a bill has been introduced in the Nevada Legislature.

The Fairness & Accountability in Storage and Towing (FAST) Act, SB 456, would allow you and your insurance company to pre-designate where your vehicle should be towed in case of accident rather than the government forcing you to have your vehicle towed to its own preferred storage yard.

Passage of this bill would allow your insurance company to negotiate with any and all local storage yards that meet certain minimal criteria…and that means big savings for your insurance company…which could mean lower insurance premiums to YOU!

This should be a no-brainer for any elected state legislator interested in protecting and serving their constituents and who has not been bought off by special interest money (aka, donations) being thrown at them to protect the status quo. Alas, a very similar bill to the FAST Act was killed in the last legislative session, so passage is by no means a slam dunk.

If you’d like to see this government-protected monopoly abolished and save some money by opening up the old storage yard biz to free-market competition, register your support for the FAST Act with your state senator and assemblyman by clicking on the button below…

Then select or enter the bill number, SB456, in the “Bill Information and Opinion” box. Next to “Your View” just click on the “For” option. And then add any comments you might want to include.

To make sure your support is communicated directly to your elected state assemblyman and senator, enter your name and snail-mail address in the box titled “Constituent Information” – but feel free not to include your phone number and email address if you prefer.

In this manner, you will essentially become a “Citizen Co-Sponsor” of the FAST Act!

So let it be written; so let it be done.

Chuck Muth, President
Citizen Outreach